About Qlist:

How often have you quoted a favorite piece of inspirational wisdom to friends? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could easily do that using social media, automatically getting all the words in the quotation correct and including the complete source information? Or even share the quotation with people you don’t know yet, who are looking for just such a piece of wit or wisdom? With Qlist, you can!

How often you write down a quote that you like when reading a book, or article? Do you ever think it would be great to have your own quotes list, organized the way you like and well referenced so you can go back to its source easily?

Qlist is a new service that allows people to save, organize and share quotations. Using either a web or iPhone interface, people can view their existing quotations by various categories, such as “love” or “inspiration”, as well as add new quotations. New quotations added through the iPhone interface are synchronized with the web interface as soon as an internet connection is available. You can share your favorite quotations with your Facebook friends or Twitter followers with a single click.

If you’d prefer for your friends on (facebook or twitter) to be the only ones to see a specific quotation of yours, you can keep it as a private quotation on your Qlist, rather than sharing it with all Qlist users. 

You can also filter your display of quotations by their native language. Unique to the Qlist quote service is the ability to have listed quotations automatically translated from any of the supported languages into any other supported language, so you can read quotations from other cultures.

If you like a quote that is shared in Qlist you can save it to your favorite quotes. If you like quotes shared by a specific Qlist user, you can follow that user and receive any quote shared by that user in your favorite Quoter section. 

Writers and publishers can share excerpts from their works through Qlist, with complete ordering information provided in the Source field so that interested readers can purchase copies. Readers can search the Qlist quotations for additional quotations added by the same user, and so discover additional works in a publisher’s catalog. Also users can follow their favorite authors or publishers which make them informed about any new book.